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SWR Installation Procedure

While Installation of B-SURE™ SWR System ensure :
  • To cut SWR pipe straight .

  • To properly place the elastomeric ring in its groove.

  • To avoid over tightening of door cap.

  • To use pipe clips at proper spacing to align the pipe stack properly.

  • Appropriate water seal traps are used where ever necessary before connecting it to the main stack.

  • To use Perma-Fix solvent cement for socketed joints.

Rubber Ring Joints
Cut pipe square to the required length
Chamfer the edge of the pipe. Remove all burrs, dust and dirt
Apply lubricant on the external surface of the pipe and on the elastomeric ring.
Make sure the Sealing ring is placed correctly in the groove
Push the pipe into the socket.
Ensure 10 mm gap between the pipe end and the socket register for thermal expansion and contraction

Solvent Welded Joint
Cut pipe square to the required length
All burrs and grease, if any, from the internal and external surfaces should be removed
Apply solvent cement uniformly on the inner surface of fitting and outer surface of pipe
Insert the pipe end into socket end & push it fully in.

  1. Arrange the correct location of 'P'/'Q'/'S' trap and properly set on the floor finish, having firm base.

  2. The outlet of the trap should be left open during filling the sunken portion.

  3. Apply the lubricant on trap connector ring and on the outlet of IWC PAN.

  4. Push the outlet of IWC PAN into the trap Socket to make the joint.

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