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CPVC Piping System
What is CPVC:

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) is manufactured through the post chlorination process of PVC and is the result of advanced material technology of Noveon which produces an engineering thermoplastic providing the piping industry and its customers a product with longer service life, lower maintenance, and improved process utilization compared to traditional materials. CPVC due to its relatively low cost high glass transition temperature, high heat distortion temperature, chemical inertness, outstanding mechanical, dielectric, flame and smoke properties, offers superior corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, and excellent life-cycle economics in a single package.

Product Features:
  • Trouble-free Proven Performance In Plumbing Applications In The Harshest Of Conditions Since 1959 Globally for Hot and Cold Water applications (Flowguard™: Recognized Globally)

  • Smooth Bore and 100% Water carrying capacity over life due to no depositions

  • Low Thermal Expansion than any alternate plastic system

  • Very low thermal conductivity ensures hot water remains hot.

  • Very low Noise due to reduced water hammer problems

  • High Impact strength even in low temperature conditions

  • Can be installed and operated in all weather conditions

  • Pressure and temperature bearing capacity remains unaffected even after long solar and UV radiation exposure.


Enviable Reliability
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