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MDPE Piping System

MDPE has become an important medium of distribution of water because of their inherent qualities such as non-corrosive, flexible, crack resistant and tough.

The use of Medium Density Polyethylene Pipes (MDPE Pipes) as conduits in the field of transportation and distribution of water has been steadily gaining popularity since 1950's WORLD OVER and in Indian market too.

Features and Advantages of MDPE Pipes

MDPE is used all over the world because of its excellent technical and operational advantages as pipe material. Some of the advantages are as:

  • Balance rigidity and toughness

  • Very good creep properties

  • Excellent toughness / ductility

  • High resistance to slow crack propagation. Outstanding resistance, Traffic vibration, point loading, marshy ground.

  • Resistance to rapid crack propagation

  • Excellent Environment stress crack resistance

  • Extremely smooth interior surface

  • Frost resistance

  • Resistance to aggressive media & soil. Tough and highly reliable in most soil types.

  • No deposition, encrustation and leaching out

  • Excellent fusion characteristics. High integrity and reliability. No possible joint leakage

  • Very wide range service temperature

  • Light in weight. Only weigh a small fraction of a corresponding metal pipe weight.

  • Very good reeling properties. Flexibility & ductility



MDPE pipes are used mainly for House Service Connection. It links main pipeline of potable water source to individual house / plots.
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