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Applications of MLC Pipes
Cold and Hot water distribution

The smooth inner layer of Jindal MLC pipes prevent deposit, accumulation and corrosion leading up to 30% more flow of fluid than in metal pipes. They are easy to bend & install directly on girder or inside wall and cement concrete. They can be easily found with a simple metal detector. The combination of plastic and metal makes Jindal MLC pipes a permanently reliable system for its use in all common hot and cold water installations.

Solar System, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration System Frost resistant; High thermal preservation lowers the cost of temperature keeping and improves the efficiency of these systems.

Underfloor Heating System

Stable form in bends and over a distance; Jindal MLC pipes can be directly installed up to 200 meters without any fittings. It works well in a wide range of temperature from -40OC to 95OC.

Medical, Foodstuff and Chemical Industry’s Pipe System

The inner and outer layers of Jindal MLC pipes are made of special PE with strong chemical, corrosion and contamination resistance. The aluminum core makes the pipe 100% gas and oxygen tight. Therefore, as medical and oxygen supply pipe, Jindal MLC pipe is hygienic and leak-proof and ensures the purity of its carrying media. As a supply pipe for food industry, it can eliminate contamination during manufacturing. Furthermore, the static-free PE layers can also withstand all kinds of acid and alkali solution (in density) below 60OC, which enables the pipe to be used in the chemical industry with no extra protection.

Gas and Air Distribution

The aluminum layer allows Jindal MLC pipes to withstand high working pressure and prevent oxygen and gases from permeating into the pipe. They are easily bent, which makes the use of numerous fittings unnecessary. Jindal MLC pipes are safe and reliable choice for compressed air, gas and oxygen supply.

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