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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Composite Pipe?

Composite Pipe is made of five layers. The inside & outside layers comprise of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) or MDPE (Middle Density Polyethylene) tightly bonded with melt adhesives to intermediate layer of Aluminum Core, which is longitudinally overlapped. These Pipes offer the advantages of both metal and plastic pipes with none of their shortcomings.

What is HDPE & MDPE?

PE is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic material and one of the most commonly used plastics. HDPE is the high density version of PE plastic. It is harder, stronger and a little heavier than MDPE (Middle density version of PE), but less ductile.

What is the use of Aluminum in the Pipe?

After extrusion of internal and external layers of PE material together with melt adhesive, the tube function as single component for operating in temperature range of -400C to 950C and there is no differential expansion of PE layers and aluminum tube. Because of aluminum in between, the resultant thermal expansion coefficient is low. It also sustain more pressure because of aluminum core inside.

What are the advantages of Composite Pipes over GI Pipes?

a. The working Life of composite pipes is about 50 years and GI Pipes have very small life (depending of type of water) because of corrosion problem. b. Because the internal surface of the composite pipes are smooth, the flow rate of fluid is in these pipes is 30% more than GI Pipes c. Composite Pipes are bendable and hence require less number of fittings d. Composite Pipes & Fittings are hygienic, toxic free and has no growth of micro organism. e. Composite Pipes are light in weight and come in coils of 200/100M lengths, therefore easy to carry, store and less joint. f. These Pipes are corrosion resistance and Scale Free.

Can these pipes be used for Hot Water?

Jindal Composite Pipes come in three flavours: White Pipe Used for Cold Water in temp range of -400C to 600C Orange Pipe Used for Hot Water in temp range of -400C to 950C Yellow Pipe Used for Gas Distribution in temp range upto 400C UV stabilized pipes are also available for external installations exposed to Sun. These Pipes are black in color.

What is the Size Range of Pipes?

Jindal Composite Pipes come in size range from 10mm internal ID and 14mm Od to 60mm Id and 75mm OD.

What type of fittings are used with the Pipes?

We supply complete range of Brass Fittings with our Pipes which are of two types Screw Fittings and Press Fittings.

What are Screw Fittings?

These fittings do not require any special tool. The pipe joint is achieved by tightening the nut against the coned shaped olive, the profiles of the two pieces are designed to cause a progressive shrinkage of the cone olive and distribute the compression force across all the contact surface. These fittings can be unscrewed and reused in case of any change in the installation layout .

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